The New York Times “Well Blog” held a contest in January soliciting Seven Words of Wisdom, and the results were interesting and thought provoking. It was based on author Michael Pollan’s (In Defense of Food) seven-word edict: “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” These are a couple of the winning submissions:

“Make promises. Don’t break them. Find loopholes.”
“Enter contests. Don’t ignore rules. Try again.”

and the winner was:

“Ate plants. A big heap. Still hungry.”

I thought it would be fun for us Wilderness Volunteers to come up with our own seven-words (2-3-2) about doing a WV project. We’ll start this blog with a contest. These are the rules:

Describe trips. Tell a story. Have fun.


Start writing. Post your comment. Seven words.

The winner will receive a limited-edition stainless carabiner mug with the WV logo. Contest ends November 31st.

My try:

Get outside. Have an adventure. Get dirty.