First time WVers frequently add a new dimension to work projects. In September of 2008, rookie volunteers Joe Maglaty and Ron Eydelloth accompanied veteran Rick Volpe to Glacier National Park…a far cry from their suburban Philadelphia flatlands. Several days of sledge hammering, wheel barrowing, picking, and shoveling provided ample opportunity for Joe and Ron to commiserate (and brainstorm) about WV tool enhancements to make their lives easier.

In particular, Joe fantasized about a “Trail Zamboni” that would, in one pass, turn a rocky, uneven trail into a smooth thoroughfare for outdoor guests. Little did Joe realize that his wish would nearly come true in August of 2009 as he again joined Rick on a WV trail project in the Medicine Bow National Forest of Wyoming. That’s Joe enjoying a ride in his “invention” under the control of fellow Philadelphia teammate Howard Dupee.

Look’n good! Thanks to Rick, Joe, and Ron for sharing their creative efforts with the rest of us. No word yet on when this trio will be mass-marketing their new machine. We’ll keep you posted.

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