I’ve enjoyed lots of incredible sights during my time in the woods with Wilderness Volunteers. Bull elk grazing along the Continental Divide. Mama moose and calf taking a dip in a mountain lake. Eagles soaring on high. Breathtaking sunsets and moonrises, and gorgeous views of peaks and valleys. Beautiful waterfalls, picturesque streams, and swimming holes that leave you with a smile. A week’s worth of work knocked out in a matter of days. And total strangers transformed into lifelong friends in only a week’s time.

It’s what keeps me coming back.

But nothing I have seen over the last ten years could have prepared me for what I witnessed in Idaho’s backcountry last month. Heads are still shaking, jaws still agape at the slightest mention of it. The display of sheer skill and athleticism was mesmerizing, unparalleled in the rest of the animal kingdom, and left me (and others) in disbelief.

I don’t know how else to say it: we witnessed greatness.

Fortunately, the cameras were rolling. I could go on, but it’s best you see for yourself.