As Halloween approaches, the 2010 WV trip season comes to an end. Thanks to all our trip leaders and volunteers who “gave something back” and contributed to another successful year. We’re tallying up the final numbers of trails cleared, bridges built, rocks hauled, waterbars installed, plants planted – you name it. All in all, we accomplished a lot and our national parks, forests, and wilderness areas have you to thank!

And though trip season may be over, it’s not time to put those boots away just yet. So when the pumpkins have been carved, the tricks have been played, and the candy is long gone, head out for a Halloween hike. Check out the list of hikes happening across the country this Halloween.

My wife and I will be doing just that – and trying to keep our heads about us – as we hike through Sleepy Hollow this Saturday.

Happy Trails!

And Happy Halloween from WV!