For those of you who have enjoyed following the Decorah, Iowa eaglets, which were featured on this blog last month and are rapidly growing up, here’s another healthy dose of “reality TV” straight from the Big Apple – and with plenty of drama to spare: a pair of red tail hawks (Violet and Bobby) nesting outside the 12th floor of a New York University building have been sitting on three eggs.

Just last week, local wildlife experts announced that the eggs had missed their window to hatch and there would be no baby hawks – known as eyasses – this spring.

Alas, on Friday, just shy of Mother’s Day, one of the eggs hatched and a healthy baby hawk was born – much to the experts’ surprise. Nature, apparently, does’nt listen to the experts!

The joy has been tempered, however, by news that Violet’s right leg is swollen two to three times its normal size. An ill-fitting wildlife band is suspected, and there are growing concerns that she might lose her leg – and her life – if the band is not removed soon. Experts have been discussing possible interventions to capture Violet and remove the band, but are increasingly concerned about the impact that Violet’s momentary absence might have on the young eyass and the remaining two eggs. Officials are monitoring the situation carefully and calls for intervention are growing.

Stay tuned to the New York Times Hawk Cam for updates.