Humpback whales migrate from the warm waters near Hawai’i in the winter to the Alaskan waters each summer (2500 – 3000 miles!). The scientists at The Jupiter Research Foundation’s Humpback Whale Project objective was to make Humpback whale vocals available online for both the research community and the public. They began by putting a solar powered radio buoy near Puako on the Big Island, and later were able to install one near Angoon, Alaska (Favorite Bay).

The Wilderness Volunteers  project on Admiralty Island (where Angoon is located) is timed so we have the great fortune to be able to view these incredible animals. The humpback is known for its spectacular breaching, flipper-slapping and tail lobbing which makes for great whale-watching.

Listen to these magnificent creatures on The Jupiter Research Foundation site at this link.

View a video about the installation of the buoy in Angoon.

Find out more about the Wilderness Volunteers project on Admiralty Island.