Reeni and Jack Knudson, adventurous Wilderness Volunteers participants from Prescott, AZ, are planning to cross the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW) from end-to-end in June. They are reaching out to the WV community to give them motivation and raise money for Wilderness Volunteers by asking you to pledge money for each portage they will make on this approximately 175-mile journey. A portage requires them to move their boat from one lake to the next and can vary in length from a few rods to 680 rods (a rod is 16.5 feet and is the traditional unit of measuring portages).

Reeni & Jack Knudson in Chile

There are more than 40 portages on the planned route, which starts at Crane Lake in the west, and will end about 30 days later at South Fowl Lake to the east. Renni and Jack, who have years of experience doing shorter trips in the BWCAW, are doing the trip unsupported and have been dehydrating food for the trip (they hope to supplement their menu with fresh fish) while working on being in top condition. Some of the lakes they will paddle include Vermillion Lake, Loon Lake, Lac La Croix, Iron Lake, Crooked Lake, Moose Lake, Knife Lake, Saganaga, Gunflint Lake, North and South Lakes, Rose Lake, Mountain Lake, and another Moose Lake, and many more. They plan to begin the journey on June 1st and be finished by June 30th.

Along the way, they will paddle through placid lakes and flowing rivers, listen to loons and wolves calling, carry their canoe and gear over some rugged land and sleep under the stars in this vast lake-studded wilderness!

Show your support for this worthy expedition and Wilderness Volunteers by making your pledge to Reeni and Jack by email  (KnudsonRnJ(at) with the subject “A Pledge for Wilderness Volunteers.”
Wilderness Volunteers is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, TIN 91-1821692 Contributions may be tax deductible up to the limits of the law.