Reenie and Jack Knudson are Wilderness Volunteer’s participants that did a month-long journey in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness this summer, and they recruited friends to donate money to Wilderness Volunteers based upon the number of portages they did during the trip. We received $600 in donations in their honor. Congratulations and thanks to Jack and Reenie for their successful trip and support!

Here is a short report from Reenie about their trip:

Epic is a good word for the trip!  We battled flood waters all the way, sometimes stuck in a camp because we couldn’t get anywhere near the portage entry; we did portages knee deep in raging waters, fought our way up rapids that at times seemed determined to push us back over huge boulders, and sheltered from about 18 inches of rain.  It was without a doubt the most difficult BW trip we’ve taken.   However nature in all her fury and beauty was there to admire, and I’ve never seen such wildflowers.  135 miles, 28 portages.

I can’t wait to hear what their next adventure will be!