The White House has recognized September as National Wilderness Month for the fifth year in a row! The proclamation by President Obama again sets September as the month to reflect on how important wilderness is for “our lives and our national character”and the timing is no coincidence.  The Wilderness Act was signed into law 49 years ago this month and the stage is being set for a grand national celebration of the 50th Anniversary next year. All of our service projects next season will be a celebration of this milestone legislation, as we continue our mission of giving something back.

An excerpt from the President’s proclamation reads:
As natural habitats for diverse wildlife; as destinations for family camping trips; and as venues for hiking, hunting, and fishing, America’s wilderness landscapes hold boundless opportunities to discover and explore. They provide immense value to our Nation — in shared experiences and as an integral part of our economy. Our iconic wilderness areas draw tourists from across the country and around the world, bolstering local businesses and supporting American jobs.
During National Wilderness Month, we reflect on the profound influence of the great outdoors on our lives and our national character, and we recommit to preserving them for generations to come.

Read the full Presidential Proclamation here.

Photo by Jeff Cannon, taken on WV’s service project in the John Muir Wilderness, Sierra NF, 8/11/13