1. There are 757 wilderness areas in the National Wilderness Preservation System.
2. The state with the most wilderness areas is California (149).
3. These states have no federally designated wilderness: CT, DE, IA, KS, MD and RI
4. While the Forest Service manages more wilderness areas, the National Park Service manages more acres of wilderness.
5. The newest wilderness is the Elkhorn Ridge Wilderness (CA), designated in January of 2011.
6. Yellowstone National Park (WY) contains no federally designated wilderness.
7. The Appalachian National Scenic Trail travels through 21 designated wildernesses.
8. Pt. Reyes National Seashore (CA) has more than twice as much designated wilderness than all of the other National Seashores combined.
9. Half of all wilderness areas are within a day’s drive of America’s 30 largest cities.
10. In addition to federally designated wilderness areas, seven states have state wilderness systems: AK, CA, MD, MI, MS, NY and WI.