Debbie Northcutt

Today is my last day at Wilderness Volunteers. I’ve truly loved working for WV for so many reasons, chief among them the opportunity to spend so much time in the field in our beautiful wild places. We are so lucky to live in the USA where we have a diversity public lands across the country, and being able to join in the stewardship of caring for them has been a pleasure.

Thanks to everyone, participants, agencies and especially the leaders of all the projects these last 18 years. A special shout-out to John Sherman for his generosity and helping me so much in the early years, and to Vince White-Petteruti who was a sounding board from the beginning.

Ashely Northcutt

I’m very proud of what Wilderness Volunteers has accomplished. I’m being succeeded by my daughter, Ashely — I’m excited for her to take over as ED of WV and know she will bring a fresh, energetic and youthful experience to the organization.

Wishing you many more Happy Trails,

Debbie Northcutt