A Few Words About Us


Our Mission is stewardship of America’s wild lands through organizing and promoting volunteer service in cooperation with public land agencies.

Wilderness Volunteers is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created in 1997 to organize and promote volunteer service to America’s wild lands. We work with public land agencies including the US Forest Service, National Park Service, the BLM, and the US Fish & Wildlife Service.

About Our Volunteer Projects

It is incredible how much work a group of hardy volunteers can do in a week’s time!

As a community, Wilderness Volunteers has been collectively “giving back” and making a difference by working with our public lands agencies to address current concerns and backlogged maintenance projects.

Our week-long service trips typically run from March through October. Time to explore and enjoy the area in which they are based is incorporated into most trips.   

We offer a variety of work projects in different locations throughout the country.  Projects are limited to 12 people, two of whom are trained volunteer leaders.  Everyone shares camp chores!  Meals and snacks are provided and are included in the $375 trip fee for each participant. Agencies supply work tools and supervision for the projects. Volunteers provide their own camping gear and transportation to the trip.  

Wilderness Volunteers teaches and follows Leave No Trace® outdoor living skills and ethics.

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Wilderness Volunteers is cultivating a passion for Wilderness! We are a national nonprofit organizing volunteers for stewardship projects in cooperation with public land agencies across the USA.