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Project Difficulty Ratings



Shorter backpacks, car-camping or lodge/dormitory living with long day hikes often on uneven ground. Work projects requiring lifting, bending and working several hours each day with tools. These trips are for people in good shape and ready for a full day of activity.


Long backpacks on established trails. Also, car-camping or lodge/dormitory trips with long day hikes and demanding physical work. These trips are for energetic, fit people and may involve high altitude and remote areas. The work projects may include heavy lifting, lots of bending, shoveling, picking, chopping, and/or sawing.


Strenuous with longer backpacks, off-trail backpacks, sometimes with significant elevation changes. Also trips with camping and work at elevation, or canoeing with portages. These trips are very challenging and require excellent aerobic conditioning, past experience in outdoor settings and familiarity with backcountry camping. Not for beginners.

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