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Wilderness Volunteers is a nonprofit started in 1997 to organize service trips in cooperation with public land agencies.  In 2016, we had 51 projects across the US putting 500 volunteers in the field representing more than 20,000 hours of donated labor.

Our participants are screened for suitability for the project, our volunteers leaders have Wilderness First Aid training, we show up self contained with camping equipment, commissary gear and food, and all participants know that they are responsible for medical expenses and emergency evacuation should it be necessary.  We stress safety on every trip. We do not ask for a stipend or any monetary support.  We do ask that tools necessary to do the project be supplied, for pack support if the trip is a backcountry trip, and for supervision of the work project (at least at the beginning of the trip).

Our trips are usually 7 days long with the majority starting on a Sunday and ending the following Saturday.  We will work at least 4 of the days during the week depending on the logistics, and take at least one day off to rest and recreate.  We are looking for projects that are worthwhile and that would likely go undone without volunteer effort. 

We welcome trip proposals and will be happy to discuss having a Wilderness Volunteers crew working with you. Our trip planning cycle begins in August of the year before and we usually have a full schedule for the coming year by October. We begin advertising the trips for the following year on our website in October (for spring trips), and in December (for summer and fall trips).

Trip Proposal Form (PDF)

Wilderness Volunteers is a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Our Mission is stewardship of America’s wild lands through organizing and promoting volunteer service in cooperation with public land agencies.

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Wilderness Volunteers is cultivating a passion for Wilderness! We are a national nonprofit organizing volunteers for stewardship projects in cooperation with public land agencies across the USA.