Sponsorship Program

The Wilderness Volunteers Sponsorship Program is designed to meet the needs of outdoor companies, manufacturers, retailers, and other companies and individuals passionate about supporting our projects and preserving our public lands. Our Sponsorship Program offers opportunities for businesses and individuals to sponsor a specific project close to their hearts, or donate outdoor gear for trips or items for special events.

Sponsor a Project

    • Do you love Wilderness Volunteers service projects, but are no longer able to volunteer? 
    • Are you looking for a creative and thoughtful way to honor a loved one who was passionate about the wilderness? 
    • Are you an avid hiker or recreator grateful for the work that Wilderness Volunteers does to keep your trails maintained and safe?
    • Are you a business passionate about the outdoors and looking for a way to get your name out there to fellow outdoor enthusiasts?

    For $500, you can sponsor a project that is close to your heart. Your donation will help Wilderness Volunteers continue protecting the wild lands you care most about. 

    Corporate Sponsors

    Wilderness Volunteers’ Corporate Sponsors are businesses, large and small, who are committed to land stewardship and preservation. Corporate Sponsors donate $1,000 or more annually to Wilderness Volunteers and receive additional recognition and benefits on the Wilderness Volunteers website, social media, and other advertising and outreach platforms.

    Donate Outdoor Gear

    We are always looking for companies willing to donate needed equipment to be used in our program, outdoor gear companies who could offer our trip leaders discounts or pro-deals to help reduce project costs, and interested in placing ads for relevant backcountry gear on our website. 

    Our “Most Needed” gear items include:

    • Cookware
    • Stoves
    • Waterproof duffel bags 
    • Tents
    • Sleeping bags and pads

    Donate Items for Special Events:

    We have various fundraising events throughout the year and need your donated items! This is a great opportunity to get your company’s product in the hands of future buyers.

    Sponsor Benefits:

    • Your name/logo on our website
    • Your name/logo in our Annual Report
    • Paragraph about you/your business in the service project materials you choose to sponsor 
    • Features on WV social media (businesses only)

    Become a Sponsor Today!

    Fill out the contact form below and let us know how you would like to sponsor Wilderness Volunteers!

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    Wilderness Volunteers is cultivating a passion for Wilderness! We are a national nonprofit organizing volunteers for stewardship projects in cooperation with public land agencies across the USA.