In April of 2016, six adventure-crazed volunteers set off into the wild backcountry of the King Range National Conservation Area with one main goal in mind; to have a week of fun in a beautiful and wild region. A close second to their main goal was to perform some much needed conservation work in the area including trail maintenance, trail reconstruction, and beach cleanup. With these goals in mind, they began their excursion, accompanied by BLM Outdoor Rec Planner, Justin Robbins.

The crew hiked nearly six miles with full packs into their basecamp adjacent to the mouth of the freshwater Cooskie Creek for the week. From here they set out each day with a project in mind; this included maintenance and reconstruction of the eroded trail, beach cleanup and removal of debris, and removal of illegal beach shelters.

Through the week, the crew made some serious accomplishments. The mighty group of six repaired approximately four miles of trail, removed and rehabilitated five campsites, and removed approximately 200 pounds of debris from the beach! 
Per tradition, when the crew exited the wilderness – exhausted, fulfilled, and with a deep sense of accomplishment – they were warmly greeted by the BLM with a hearty barbecue. With full hearts and stomachs, the participants parted ways, never to forget their week of adventure in the Lost Coast. 

We are quickly approaching the King Range project for 2017 and it is sorely in need of volunteers! The project remains largely the same as 2016 and the region remains as beautiful and in need of help as ever. Come join one of WV’s most dynamic leader duos for a week of fun and adventure in King Range’s Lost Coast, and give something back to you public lands!

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